Kolink Continuum PSU - 1200W - 80 Plus Platinum - Modular V2


The Continuum series marks Kolink's entry into the high-end power supply market. It is well suited for users seeking to build high-end systems for gaming or advanced applications such as streaming. Nevertheless this powerful PSU offers great value with up to 1200 watts available and 80 Plus Platinum certification.

The Kolink Continuum 80 Plus Platinum 1200 Watt at a glance:


-  1200-watt power supply with 100-A Single rail

-  High efficiency with 80 PLUS Platinum Certification

-  Quiet 140mm fan

-  Six 6 + 2-pin PCIe connectors for graphics cards


The Kolink Continuum 80 Plus Platinum 1200 Watt in detail:


The Kolink Continuum 80 Plus Platinum 1200 Watt is an outstanding power supply that achieves significant power efficiencies as a result of technical innovations and the use high quality components.


It is ideal for systems with advanced processors and graphics cards, were differing power requirements are common. The Continuum has the capacity to manage currents up to 12 volts and Kolink have included additional power management features such as LLC resonant conversion and DC-to-DC technology with independent voltage regulation. This combination benefits the efficiency of the power supply significantly.


The Continuum's components are kept cool thanks to strong airflow properties. It has a slow rotating 140 mm fan that has a rippled surface to improve airflow as well as a particularly durable double ball bearing. This fan not only provides great cooling but has a low operating volume.


The Continuum has excellent options for connectivity. For Motherboards there is a 20 + 4-pin ATX connector as well as 4 + 4-pin and 8-pin 12V EPS connectors that can supply up to two high-end processors. Graphics cards can be connected via six + 2-pin PCIe connectors on three cable harnesses. Additional components are connected by eight SATA and four-pin Molex connectors.

Technical details


150 x 86 x 180 mm (W x H x D)


140 mm (automatic control, double ball bearing)


Black (power adapter, fan)


at least 94/92/90 percent at 50/20/100 percent at 230-volt.

80 PLUS Platinum certified.

Active PFC

Form factor:

ATX12V 2.4 / EPS12V 2.92

Power: 1200 W

+ 3.3V: 25A

+ 5V: 25A

+ 3.3V and + 5V combined: 130 W

+ 12V: 1200 W / 100 A

-12V: 3.6 W / 0.3 A

 + 5Vsb: 15W / 3A

Connections (detachable)

Motherboard: 1x 20 + 4-pin ATX12V / EPS12V

CPU: 1x 4 + 4-pin, 1x 8-pin ATX12V / EPS12V

3x2 6 + 2-pin PCIe (total 6x 6 + 2-pin PCIe)


8x 4-pole molex

Protection Circuits:

OVP / UVP (protection against overvoltage and undervoltage)

SCP (short circuit)

OPP (overload)

OCP (overcurrent on rails +12, +3.3 and +5 volts)

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years

Max current: < 50 amps